How I Arrived Here

2019 was a whirlwind year and 2020 looks to be no different.

While we all take the time to reflect and look forward to 2020, I decided it would be a perfect time to introduce myself, Finesse Town Car and how it all came to be.

In 2014, I found myself divorced with 5 children, a mortgage and an office job that just didn’t pay the bills. I was miserable. I was starting over with no clear direction. I had no understanding as to who I was or what I even wanted to do. I looked for part-time work but with a family adding an additional schedule just wasn’t a possibility.

I began hearing about Uber and Lyft. In the beginning I was skeptical as to the safety of transporting strangers not to mention I was a woman. In my mind a professional driver was typically male. I was entering new territory; an industry previously dominated by men driving taxis. Ultimately, Uber and Lyft opened a door for me that could not have been possible before. They were my catalyst into the world of luxury and executive travel as a chauffeur.

In the beginning I was only working Uber and Lyft on the weekends, but eventually I chose to give up the stable job in an office for the lesser known path. It did not take me long to realize that not only was I making good money even after expenses, but I also had the freedom to work whenever and wherever I wanted. Uber and Lyft also gave me the time to reflect, time to go back to school, and time to truly figure out who I was and what my future path was. I was no longer chained to a desk and told when I could take lunch or a break. For the first time, I was in control of the money I was making and the time it took to make that money. It was epic.

It wasn’t long after I began working with Uber and Lyft that another chauffeur from a local limousine company found me meticulously scrubbing my minivan getting ready for passengers. He scratched his head for a minute and wondered what on earth was this woman in a minivan doing working for Uber? I’m sure he had never seen an Uber driver obsess over a vehicle like I was doing. He introduced himself and his company. I thought nothing of it and continued being quite happy right where I was. It wasn’t long before this same gentleman found me again, this time doting on clients. He was intrigued and impressed. He not only took my contact information but offered me a job as well! I would be working for one of the largest limousine companies in Seattle.

My first job went well, so well in fact they begged for my return. And I did for a time, but the constraint of being tied to a schedule again truly was not what I wanted or needed. However, this time period showed me the other side of transportation; luxury and executive travel. I had never even imagined or even dreamed of being a chauffeur.

I shifted gears and went back to Uber and Lyft full time to earn the necessary funds to open my own limousine company and pay down the debt from my divorce. I spent many nights sleeping in my car for short spurts while I continued driving the streets earning as much as I could. Additionally, I continued to work as a chauffeur on the side at many different limousine companies. By now I had already gained a reputation for reliable service that exceeded client’s expectations. Suddenly I found myself doing nothing but sleeping and working. There just wasn’t time for anything else. But there was a goal on the horizon; the final step to my full autonomy and financial freedom.

In February 2019, I made the final decision to own up to my worth and time. I was opening my limousine company one way or another. A friend stepped in and helped with my startup costs and in March my first fleet vehicle was delivered. Finesse Town Car was finally a reality with the ability to care for clients as they expected. Discerning clients now had a new option for luxury chauffeured ground transportation. My services would include not only getting them where they needed to be locally but also offered a full range of concierge services.
Here it is now 2020, a new year. Finesse Town Car began with humble beginnings and even bigger dreams. What I thought was impossible a year ago, I now know is possible and is quickly becoming a reality. I have hired an assistant and a web master to help with the office tasks so I can focus on what I do best—taking care of my clients.

So, here’s to 2020, a year of growth, prosperity, and exciting things to come. Finesse Town Car is ready for the year ahead with many new plans in the works for growth and service. I am continuing to build out our website to include online reservations for clients that will streamline the process. I am growing my network of affiliates in other cities to ensure that my clients can rely on Finesse Town Car for their transportation needs wherever they may be. Finesse Town Car continues to cultivate relationships throughout the City of Seattle at various restaurants, hotels, event venues, and other city activities to provide you with discounts and other perks while in Seattle.

I look forward to being of service to you in 2020 and beyond.

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